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How to Declare Foreign Accounts on Your Taxes

When it comes to taxes, everything should be accounted for–from income to investments. If you own foreign financial assets, it is important that you declare your accounts on your taxes. Under the tax code, financial assets include any financial account that you have maintained by a foreign financial institution....

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Tax Structuring for Exporters – IC-DISC

In my previous article, How to Start a Global Sales Strategy for Your Exports , I discussed some significant incentives and resources Maryland offers manufacturers that are considering an export initiative. This second article of the three part series will look at tax structures for exporters and the incredible...

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Transfer Pricing for Multinationals: Maximize Opportunities and Minimize Risks

Transfer pricing continues to be one of the most important matters facing multinational companies. The tax situation in any given country can affect whether or not your business sets up facilities or holds intellectual property ownership there. The IRS and numerous tax authorities worldwide are intensifying their focus on...

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