CFO Support & Bookkeeping Services

Do you need someone to consult regarding important financial decisions for your business? MKS&H’s CFO support services may provide the expertise you need.

Accounting for cemeteries and trusts can be complicated. You want to spend most of your time during your business hours with your customers, but you need to have confidence that your business is performing well. You probably have a controller or bookkeeper on-staff to record your day-to-day financial transactions. While these staff members are probably excellent at performing their daily activities:



  • Can you turn to them when you need help with the BIG questions?
  • Do they provide monthly financial statements and can they help you assess your business operations?
  • Can they assist when regulatory financial issues arise?
  • Do they consider the tax effects of your decisions?
  • Do they consider how industry issues will affect your future?
  • Can they help with strategic planning for your business?
  • Perhaps you see a business that you are interested in purchasing.
  • Or, maybe you’d like to sell your business.

Your financial staff may be excellent and able to assist with all of the above issues. If so, hang onto them! Most of the time, your internal staff members can’t help you with everything. That’s where MKS&H can help. We have CPAs and advisors on-staff who specialize in working with a cemetery and funeral homes and handling these types of issues. We stay in tune with cemetery and funeral home industry issues and try to learn as much as we can about your company so we can assist with business issues as they arise. We assign a personal advisor to your company so you have a familiarity with us, and then that advisor will bring in our experts as business issues or opportunities arise. We can customize the frequency of this assistance and work toward what makes sense for you and your business.

Do you sometimes need advice on how to record financial transactions?

MKS&H’s bookkeeping services can provide that advice.

We know that there are a voluminous number of software systems in use by cemetery and funeral home businesses. We don’t support one specific system. We understand accounting, payroll, and taxes, plus we know cemeteries and funeral homes. Since most accounting systems are relatively intuitive, rather than forcing you into a box that we create with a proprietary system, we apply our knowledge to your system, whether it is in-house or in the cloud. We can assist your bookkeeper with various kinds of issues such as:

  • Recording transactions and journal entries
  • Staying in compliance with payroll and income tax filings
  • Preparing monthly financial statements and ensuring that balance sheet and income statement relationships make sense
  • Recording deferred revenues correctly and assessing accounts receivable
  • Preparation of various regulatory filings
  • Getting ready for an outside audit