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At MKS&H, we bring deep meaning to the business of accounting. You get the personalized attention and care of a boutique firm combined with the experience and expertise you’d expect from a larger firm. Deeper than dollars and data, we develop an understanding of you, your culture and your business goals. Transforming complex financial data into a meaningful context enables our clients to achieve their greatest potential.
We take the multidisciplinary approach to taxaccounting and audit to a new level by focusing in on what’s most important to you – in the short and long-term – and incorporating human capital management. We know what makes great companies great, as well as where great companies can falter.
Our full view of the financials systems and people behind them, enables us to go deeper to develop and evolve the optimal solution that both fulfills your spirit, and achieves your financial goals. Armed with that depth of knowledge, our experts and consulting professionals work as a team to help you get the financial results you want.

Our Culture

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Our success is measured by your goal achievement.

In order to achieve those goals, we believe that you must understand – in your own language – what “achievement” tangibly means. Our commitment to bringing deeper meaning to business and the business of accounting is optimally expressed by what we call RCS – Remarkable Client Service.
RCS, simply, ensures that you are superiorly informed. The reason is that we take the time to understand your business, people, and culture first and then work with you to develop a financially focused strategy that you can understand and get behind. But our work doesn’t stop with just developing a plan; instead, we remain engaged in your financial strategy and adjust our approach as needed so that you can achieve your goals.

Bringing deeper meaning to the business of accounting.

Surrounded by Support

Our culture is built upon understanding your business and the people who run it.
Through our cross-functional, interdepartmental approach to doing business and cultivating talent, we generate fresh ideas informed by a comprehensive knowledge base. Our culture is built upon understanding your business and the people who run it. RCS incorporates nine points of focus with more than sixty points of engagement that ensure you are surrounded and supported by a team of business advisors who deliver and implement practical, comprehensive solutions.

Our Values

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We focus on continuous improvement to ensure we stay on top of emerging issues that matter to our clients and community.

Our investment in our people, young workforce and flexible work environment, Innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, team approach, commitment to quality, and our service model – responsiveness and on-time delivery are minimum expectations.