Audit & Accounting Services

Audit & Accounting in Context

From the preparation of financial statements to providing business and financial consulting, we deliver a unique combination of compliance services that protect you and the management consulting outlook that helps you understand complex financial data on your terms. From top to bottom, our approach is designed to benefit your company now and in the long run — and to help you achieve your greatest potential.

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But What Does It Really Mean?

If our experience with clients over the past 75+ years is any indication, you probably haven’t kept abreast of changes in financial compliance requirements, ever-shifting tax codes that could impact your business or best practices in accounting standards. Maybe you don’t know how to read a financial statement or know how to look at the financial statement to determine what’s in your best interests, as well as those of your company.

We do and we are here to help you put that data into a meaningful context.

As your company’s needs change and each day bring new challenges and opportunities, our team of advisors at MKS&H translates complex information in real terms. The goal is not to leave you with more questions; rather, it’s to ask the right questions so that, together, we can create informed solutions and build a roadmap for success.

How We Can Help

Our suite of services includes but is not limited to:

Prepare monthly/quarterly/annually compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements

Evaluate key performance indicators to assist in managing operational issues

Analyze trends to determine their impact on your business

Review internal controls to protect your cash

Conduct analysis and allocation of your profit center

Examine cash flow, operating expenses and budget

Advise on inventory control

Assist with bookkeeping needs or implementation of appropriate software and training

We provide dedicated, trusted advisors to assist you and help you move your company forward.

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