The Maryland Association of CPAs’ core mission is to help members connect in strategic ways, protect their professional interests, and achieve in their careers.


As the national, professional organization for all Certified Public Accountants in the United States of America, the AICPA’s mission is to provide members with the resources, information, leadership and tools that enable them to provide valuable services to benefit the public as well as employers and clients. From financial literacy to public policy issues and peer review transparency to audit committee effectiveness, the AICPA works to ensure that the public remains confident in the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of CPAs.

The AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Qualify Center (EBPAQC)

The Center is a voluntary membership organization for firms that perform or are interested in performing ERISA employee benefit plan audits. The Center was established to promote the quality of employee benefit plan audits.

The AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC)

The Governmental Audit Quality Center promotes the importance of quality governmental audits and the value of such audits to purchasers of governmental audit services. GAQC is a voluntary membership center for CPA firms and state audit organizations that perform governmental audits.

The AICPA Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS)

PCPS membership provides its members with practical guidance and quick access to critical information on issues that affect their firms’ quality, professionalism, and profitability.

The AICPA Center for Plain English Accounting (CPEA)

The Center for Plain English Accounting (CPEA) is the AICPA’s national A&A resource center. The CPEA assist members with accounting, auditing, attest, review, and compilation needs by sharing technical advice and guidance. The CPEA’s straight-forward and clear style of writing and speaking gives practitioners the opportunity to understand the applicability of the professional literature when preparing financial statements and when auditing, reviewing and compiling those financial statements.