Nonprofit Industry CPA’s and Business Consultants

Nonprofit Industry CPAs and Business Consultants

We understand nonprofit organizations have a unique set of needs and requirements. That is why MKS&H is committed to delivering multidisciplinary expertise for all our nonprofit clients

Our years of experience have demonstrated that this approach fosters growth and keeps nonprofits at peak performance to achieve their missions and goals.

Below are some of the specialized services our team of CPAs and business consultants can provide to your nonprofit.

nonprofit accounting & consulting services

Where We Can Help You?





  • Cost Effective Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Prepare Forms 990, 990-T and Others
  • OMB Circular A-133 Audits
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Internal Control Evaluation
  • Revenue Recognition Assessments
  • Accurate Budget Preparation and Monitoring
  • Indirect Cost Rate
  • Expense Allocations
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Program Specific Audits
  • Elect and Maintain Tax-Exempt Status
  • Minimize Unrelated Business Income Taxes (UBIT)
  • Fraud deterrence and Financial Investigations
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Organization Structure
  • Succession Planning
  • Accountability Solutions
  • Change Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Due Diligence