Tax Advice & Consulting Services

“How Do I Keep Track of It All?”

Put simply: “You don’t. We do.”

As a business owner, there’s a certain relief that comes from working with the right people who not only have the right knowledge base, but who truly care about helping you understand what’s important to you, in your language, so that you can make informed decisions.

The tax regime is complex and constantly shifting on a federal, state and local level. At MKS&H, we take the time to understand the intricacies and potential impacts of that constant shift and are always looking ahead in order to minimize your tax liabilities. We provide hands-on, always watchful and proactive tax advice and preparation so you can always plan for what’s next.

Corporate Tax: Strategy in Context

Balancing tax mitigation with the effective use of resources across your enterprise, all within the context of how you do business and plan for what’s next, are essential in successful corporate tax strategy. Defining and road mapping a solid corporate tax strategy means that your corporate objectives are in harmony with your tax planning – not working against them.

There is simply no better way to achieve this than with consistent, consultative communication that enables a deep understanding of your business objectives – both in the short and long term. At MKS&H, our focus is on putting in the time to first understand what makes your business work before lending the tax insight on an ongoing basis that will help your business thrive.

State and Local Tax Insight

Whether you do business in one state or several, you likely know the difficulty of navigating state income and property taxes. Our bandwidth across nearly every state in the country enables MKS&H to prepare and file returns, all while leveraging our knowledge of differing interpretations of the laws on a state and municipality level.

With an ever-expanding tax base in many states, including more services, internet transactions and use of property for sales tax purposes, MKS&H helps you and your business to manage compliance, mitigate risk, and ensures a holistic view that always has your business goal achievement in mind

Assistance with Taxing Authorities

Handling questions from taxing authorities can be daunting, and MKS&H is prepared to guide and represent you through questioning, examination and appeals on a federal, state or local level. With a solid track record for success, you can have confidence in our deep understanding of the processes, as well as our forward thinking on tax positions.

The best defense against a challenge from a taxing authority is a well thought-out and well-documented position. Every decision we make at MKS&H is informed by sound judgment and the application of relevant tax law and professional standards when determining filing positions. This approach ensures that any position we take can be vigorously defended and that areas of uncertainty can be resolved in favor of our clients.

Personalized Individual Planning

We understand that when it comes to your business and your overall net-worth, it’s personal. Our consultative approach to addressing every aspect of financial planning — from tax, to succession planning, to setting up trusts — ensures your hard work builds the legacy and achieves the goals you desire. Our professionals bring peace of mind by providing proactive consulting on everything that touches your private financial life.

Seeing the Big Picture Makes all the Difference

Tax legislation changes rapidly. At MKS&H, we constantly assess how these changes affect your individual situation, and identify strategies for tax minimization and compliance, all while coordinating your year-end and overall financial plan. Below is an overview of our high-net worth individual services:

  • Current and long-range tax planning
  • Estate and gift planning and reporting
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax preparation and filing

Our years of experience and approach to developing deep relationships with our clients enables us to provide highly customized service, tailored to achieve what you want with your personal wealth.

We provide dedicated, trusted advisors to assist you and help you move your company forward.

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