Why It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Estate Plan



Estate planning is very important in securing your family’s financial stability especially when you are gone. Unfortunately, so many people do not plan their estate, and this takes a toll on their surviving heirs on how they are to divide and distribute personal properties, investments, and benefits. With estate planning, you can leave your loved ones with peace of mind.

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7 Tips for Early Tax Preparation

The reality is that most people stop thinking about their taxes once they have filed their tax return. The problem with not planning for your taxes is that tracing back your expenses might be a difficult task for the next tax season. Setting up a smart record keeping system is one thing to prepare for the tax season. Below are the top 7 tips to help you with early tax preparation.

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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Tax Accountant

For some business owners, especially those operating small businesses, hiring an accountant, or more specifically a tax accountant, may feel like an unnecessary expense. Here are some reasons why this is a financial fallacy: Read More

Solar Energy Incentives & Financing for Maryland Businesses

Every business owner wants to cut costs, but wouldn’t it be great if they could also improve the environment.  In addition to energy savings, there are some great tax incentives for converting your energy source to solar. Loan programs are also available to help businesses make this change.

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New Year – New Taxes

Individual Changes

 The tax reform legislation recently passed by Congress significantly changes the landscape for individuals beginning January 1, 2018, and continuing for many years come. For many taxpayers, the changes made by the legislation present a host of tax planning challenges and opportunities going forward. Due to the elimination or limitation on itemized deductions, and the elimination of personal exemptions, a key consideration in planning for 2018 is to first look at ways to lower your taxable income. You should thus consider maximizing all pre-tax contribution opportunities such as your 401(k), maximizing deductible IRA contributions, and consider investing in state and municipal bonds (whose interest is exempt from federal tax).

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Doing an Acquisition – How accurate is your preneed contract data?

In today’s environment, cemeteries can experience several changes in ownership over a relatively short amount of time. Acquiring any type of business is challenging and it can be difficult to obtain accurate financial data.  The chance of data being lost or incomplete increases with each ownership change.  If you have acquired a cemetery in the past, how did you become comfortable with the accuracy of the financial data before you purchased it?  If you are the original owner of a cemetery do you periodically complete any type of detailed analysis to gain a level of comfort that the financial reporting of the preneed sales are accurate?

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Managing Negativity in the Workplace

Many businesses strive to create employee oriented environments to improve employee engagement. Employee engagement can increase when employees enjoy coming into the office, so there is a good reason to be focused on our work environments. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort goes into improvement by owners, managers, and staff, the occasional bout of negativity always seems to creep in. So what do you do to prevent this from becoming a problem in your business?

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9 Easy Solutions to Minimize Tax Liabilities

Reducing taxes is the wish of so many but achieved by only a few. The reason? Those who know how to reduce their taxes have a good understanding of taxation -but how do you gain that knowledge? By hiring a tax expert. Here are ways that come tax time, you might be able to give the IRS less tax money.

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