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What Is IRS Form 8938?

Foreign assets can complicate your tax filings whether you are an individual taxpayer, corporation or partnership. Once you own assets above a certain threshold, you are required to file an IRS Form 8938 with your tax return to disclose to the IRS what foreign assets you have. Here’s what...

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What Is Transfer Pricing?

Companies that do business internationally utilize transfer pricing so that they can spread earnings across other affiliate and subsidiary companies with ease. Every year, tax laws are adapting and creating new practices that regular transfer pricing. What should you know about changes to this international tax practice? Transfer Pricing...

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A Guide to Form 5472 for Foreign Owned Companies

As a business working internationally, it’s important to stay on top of the many different laws and regulations that apply to your business. Because there are constant changes being made to the regulations surrounding foreign owned companies, you should make sure that you understand the latest updates surrounding Form...

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