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Maryland Estate Tax Reduction Awaits Governor’s Signature

Maryland has joined the long list of states that have recently rolled back their estate tax. The Maryland legislature doled out this small reprieve to Marylanders who have seen several tax increases over the past several years. Although Governor O’Malley has not yet signed the bill, he is expected...

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New Repair Regulations for 2014 Tax Season

General Overview After close to 10 years of back and forth deliberation the Treasury finalized the new “repair regulations” on September 19, 2013. These regulations will have broad application to taxpayers and will significantly impact taxpayers in equipment intensive industries.

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A Step Ahead: Analyze Liquidity like a Lender

Lending standards have tightened over the past several years in response to regulatory changes and risks in the markets. In order for organizations to gain access to the funds they need in order to grow or sustain their organizations, they must meet certain financial criteria or metrics to be...

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Does the “Rain Tax” Affect You?

In 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including Maryland, to reduce storm water runoff into the Bay. Each state in the watershed is allowed to come up with its own funding method for this initiative. The cost for Maryland is estimated at...

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