Your Development

Career Fulfillment

We believe that MKS&H is an environment where employees can realize their full potential, and we are committed to helping you manage your career in a thoughtful and purposeful way. Our diverse business model allows for numerous career paths and allows employees to gain experience in a variety of areas. As such, MKS&H works with all employees to ensure maximum personal satisfaction with their professional development.

Continuing Education Support

We work with our employees to support their continuing education with tuition assistance and flexible scheduling. Your continued professional growth is our goal. The firm pays for a minimum of 40 CPE credits per year for each professional employee (or the equivalent for employees whose professional disciplines require other certifications and training).

Training and Development

MKS&H maintains a university system of in-house training. Courses range from technical updates to management and business consulting subjects. Our in-house system provides top-notch training for all levels of your career.