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Hidden liabilities: What’s excluded from the balance sheet?

Financial statements help investors and lenders monitor a company’s performance. However, financial statements may not provide a full picture of financial health. What’s undisclosed could be just as significant as the disclosures. Here’s how a CPA can help stakeholders identify unrecorded items either through external auditing procedures or by...

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Auditing Related-Party Transactions

Business owners generally prefer to work with entities they know and trust. But related-party transactions can provide opportunities for individuals to act in a manner that’s inconsistent with the interests of shareholders. That’s why auditors take pains to identify and properly address related-party transactions.

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Profit From an Energy Audit

Companies routinely evaluate opportunities to reduce expenses. However, many organizations are unaware of the savings that can result from a business energy audit. Not only are many of the savings from an energy audit sustainable, they are typically well received by employees and customers. Even better, your company may...

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Audit or Review: Which is Best for My Business in a Changing Financial Environment?

The financial services industry is facing its most significant regulatory reforms since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Solvency II, Basel III, and other new regulations present challenges that transcend compliance. These ever-evolving regulations are causing financial services companies to reconsider significant business...

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