Death Care Services to Offer for Pets

Many death care services businesses are looking to diversify their revenue streams in the wake of financial stress from the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the ways that some are branching out is by offering death care for pets. Pet owners today want to show their pet the respect they feel it deserves after it has passed. As pet owners become dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all services offered by many veterinarians, there’s a chance to provide new and compassionate death care services.

Pet Cemeteries

There have been pet cemeteries for decades now, but pet owners are becoming even more interested. In the 1980s, as cremation became more commonplace for humans, it also became more common for animals. Even when cremation is performed, some pet owners want a traditional funeral service to take a moment to memorialize their pet. Pet cemeteries offer almost any type of funeral service, including private viewings and elaborate, full-service funerals with guests.

What Services Are Pet Owners Looking For?

Beyond funerals, burial and cremation, pet owners also want more options when it comes to death care services for pets. Some pet owners have their pets preserved using taxidermy and display them in their home. Many places offer one type of urn or container for pet ashes. Selling a broad range of customizable pet urns and containers can attract people who feel frustrated by a lack of options. Over time, as demand increases, it will also become more common for less-traditional pet owners to want death care services. Instead of only cats and dogs, it will be more common to offer services that cater to birds, reptiles, hedgehogs, hamsters and more. The pet death care market is constantly growing, and funeral homes and death care industry businesses who are offering services catering to pet owners are reaping the rewards.

Before you get involved, it’s important to consider whether you will offer it in addition to your existing death care services or add a new branch with a different name that attracts pet owners. Pet loss is a growing segment of the death care industry and, as consumer demands evolve, your business might find it prudent to evolve as well.

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