Holiday Food Drive 2013

A little healthy competition always goes a long way at MKS&H. For the holiday season, MKS&H rose to the challenge of gathering food for the Maryland Food Bank. For some added fun, the offices held a challenge, allowing the women and men to compete each other for points in food collected.

In the Hunt Valley office the women, although outnumbered by the men 2 – 1, managed to beat a last ditch attempt by the gentlemen to take the lead. The ladies collected enough food to fill a rental truck, and won the office competition 922-789. The stage was set for the Frederick office to add their numbers to the total for a final result.

On the last day of the competition, the score stood in the Frederick office – Ladies: 367, Men: 40. When interviewed, several of the men described their enjoyment of lulling the ladies into a false sense of security while they waited for the time to trickle down to the last few minutes of the competition. Responses from the ladies’ camp do not match those statements. However, despite being outnumbered 3 – 1 in Frederick, the men were able to win the office, 1030 – 598. Items were donated in the final minute of the competition to raise the men by 600 points. Overall, the men won 1819 – 1520.

MKS&H is pleased to support the Maryland Food Bank as well as the community that we serve by volunteering our time and resources to ensure that people are not hungry for the holiday season. The partners and members of MKS&H wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year and look forward to working with families and businesses alike for the upcoming year.

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