Microsoft Notes from an IT Guy

Microsoft Notes from an IT Guy

Recently Microsoft has started to up their game, coming out with new releases for everything from their operating system and office applications to the newest tablets and computers. For the first time we are looking at manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, and other companies and seeing them work in concert with Microsoft. Machines with less hardware still work faster, have better screens, better buttons, and maybe even drive your car for you.
Let’s discuss what this means for you, your office, and your job:

You are always connected, no matter what.
Clients and customers can get a hold of you at any time. You can move faster and do more because you have the capabilities of constantly being connected.

The standards are getting higher.
For PC manufacturers, better hardware means more popularity and more money. Machines that don’t make the cut are discontinued, which results in better overall machines. It’s a helpful business environment for you when choosing what you need for your business or your employees.

IT people are getting smarter.
It’s our job to stay on top of things, and in this industry, those who lag get left behind. Every time something new comes out, we are learning, testing, and deploying it as quickly as possible to benefit your business.

My favorite Microsoft product right now is Windows 10 itself, the way it has integrated with things we like about older versions of the system, and adding the new features in the correct way. Microsoft is finally trying to do things right all of the time, instead of fixing one thing and letting a program we desperately need to be improved languish for years.

It is important to have a quality and consistent managed services provider protecting you and improving your business at the same time. These are business leaders and technicians who have the capability to make changes when they are needed and at the correct time. Microsoft is proving to be a reliable company and resource finally, and it will be important for you to have the correct team there to make sure that everything else you use will meet those standards.


Nick McCourtArticle contributed by Nick McCourt, IT Consultant, Tier One Technology Partners, a division of MKS&H

About Tier One Technology Partners: MKS&H’s technology consulting group, Tier One Technology Partners provides your growing organization with IT strategy and effective IT services solutions to keep you one step ahead. Tier One was founded in 2000 in the response to listening to the needs of our clients and the business challenges that they were facing in such a rapidly changing IT environment. Thus, Tier One was developed with the simple goal of being an IT consultant, partner, and support firm.

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