Exciting things are happening here at MKS&H!

Exciting things are happening here at MKS&H!

Earlier this summer we moved into our new Hunt Valley offices located at 201 International Circle, Suite 230.

We are very excited about in our new space is – It is beautiful and there is less of it! Bricks and mortar have their place in our society, but when it comes to providing professional services, meeting our clients (and our employees) on their terms and schedules is key. With our new space arrangements, we have seized the opportunity and enabled our valued employees to have more flexibility in their personal work environments. We all know that Millennial employees demand flexibility, and why not? The world continues to change and we are more connected than ever. For MKS&H, helping our millennial employees learn and grow with efficacy is critical to our strategy.

I would like to send a special thanks to our employees who put a lot of effort into closing our old office and getting us set-up in our new space. This was teamwork at it’s best!

We would also like to thank you, our readers, for all your loyal support throughout the years. We look forward to continuing in our tradition of providing meaningful content that you will find valuable and beyond the numbers.

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