The #1 Benefit of Cloud Computing for Your Business

The #1 Benefit of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing conceptIn the light of recent disaster related events happening in Baltimore and other areas of the country and in the world, I have heard many people in the business world speak the phrase, “ insurance will take care of that,” and find it concerning. They are correct, insurance will take care of the physical damage (i.e. broken windows, flooded floors, damaged goods). . What about the information on the organization’s computers and/or registers? What about the money that passed out of the door before the event, was that saved? Can insurance save information on clientele by filling out a form?

Now picture your business. You may have one location, you may have two, you may have many. A disastrous event occurs; it could be natural, environmental or man-made. You have nothing physical left to restart the business. You need to move into another location while your old one is rebuilt. Finally and most importantly, where is your information!? Do you buy Microsoft office licenses again? New computers? Insurance is taking a while, what do you do?

Cloud is the best answer for your recovery, your security, and your information. Secure datacenters hosting redundant servers across the country with information that only you can access, if one site goes down your information, your business, still exists. IT professionals are consistently testing out new solutions, and a managed service provider will simply help you restart your business within as little as an hour depending on what you have planned.

The cloud is better than insurance in that it never left you, it never disappeared, and you can start up immediately simply by pulling out a smart phone and tapping on a few buttons. It’s an amazing technology to use. A few things to note about some of the cloud computing options available:

1. Office 365- This software, cloud based, application can provide email, Microsoft office, and many other features allowing you to never lose your information or your clients during a loss. This is a cloud initiative by a seasoned company and works on both PC and Apple devices.

2. Backup solutions like Datto– this is a wonderful solution that Tier One Technology Partners and other managed service providers (MSP) use. This is a physical server that you can have at your head quarters that allows you to back up all of your information and then sends it to the cloud. Because of the unique design of how this backup operates, you can lose a server and spin it up virtually within a short amount of time, continuing your normal business hours with very little down time. Different plans can be reviewed to best suit your business.

3. Synced Tool- this is a wonderful cloud storage and file sharing system like Dropbox or Google Drive, yet it is far more secure and provides scalable options, as well as syncing with your native servers. It can be run by your MSP or IT Administrator and keeps people from saving files on their desktops where that data can be lost in the event of a computer malfunction or damage.

4. Multiple site locations or an external storage facility– Maybe you only have one office, but purchasing “backup” machines and storing them in another location allows for redundancy, as well as being able to have equipment for expanding your business. Spreading your equipment will make for a stronger recovery plan.

We cannot always stop the events in the world today, but we can plan accordingly, utilizing the technology that is available to us and leaning on valuable resources in our Managed Service Providers or Network Administrators. IT professionals can plan for the future of your business in the cloud and design the plans that will keep you running no matter what.

Nick McCourtArticle contributed by Nick McCourt, IT Consultant, Tier One Technology Partners

About Tier One Technology Partners: MKS&H’s technology consulting group, Tier One Technology Partners provides your growing organization with IT strategy and effective IT services solutions to keep you one step ahead. Tier One was founded in 2000 in the response to listening to the needs of our clients and the business challenges that they were facing in such a rapidly changing IT environment. Thus, Tier One was developed with the simple goal of being an IT consultant, partner, and support firm.

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