The Death Care Industry for Pets in 2022

The Death Care Industry for Pets in 2022

One of the most rapidly-growing parts of the death care industry is the sector that is catered to pets. Whether you are already offering pet services or interested in potentially expanding to this market, here is what you should know about the death care industry for pets in 2022.

Why Consider the Pet Death Care Industry?

There are many pets throughout the United States today, including 2.5 times as many pets as children! That alarming statistic goes to show how many families have pets. Even if only a small fraction of pet owners is looking for death care services when pets pass away, that is still a massive market that you can take advantage of.

Currently, there are around 400 pet cemeteries in the United States, and only 15% of funeral homes offer death care services targeted at pets. The demand is already there, and offering services to those cemeteries or expanding your business to include pet burial could be an excellent idea. Especially if your competitors are not yet offering accommodations for pet loss, getting in on this market could make you the sole provider in your area.

Build Relationships With Vets

While pet death care industry businesses are still rare enough that they attract a certain user base soon after opening, one of the best ways that many businesses have found success is through building relationships with local veterinarians. They will be able to advertise your services and share your business with their clients.

Many death care industry businesses also work with veterinarians because clients indicate they are more comfortable with the vet coordinating some aspects of the death, like memorialization and body care. By working alongside vet staff, you can keep clients comfortable and still provide an excellent experience. Working out agreements with local businesses is a win-win for your business, as you will get access to a new type of clientele and the vet office will be able to provide a higher quality level of service.

Financial Planning for Every Death Care Services Industry Business from MKS&H

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