Windows 10 In Your Business

Windows 10 In Your Business

windows-10-logo1The upgrade is here, and even as you might already have updated your computer to Windows 10, there are a number of things to consider for your business. Employees and employers alike have the opportunity to become more efficient and effective in their work. There are a number of things to evaluate, but the most important three factors are the following:

1. Speed

2. Compatibility

3. Money, Money, Money, Did I happen to mention Money???

Windows 10 is intended to be a faster operating system than its predecessor, as it incorporates the positive features of both Windows 8 and Windows 7, without a lot of kickback. Users who have complained about issues with Windows 8 freezing, get the icons they enjoy without the stuttering that usually accompanied them. Windows 10 has the more stable feeling that people have associated with Windows 7. Finally, the use of Cortana allows for speech dictation and a little hands free capability added for machines that are designed for that use.

Windows 10 seems to be very compatible with most software programs and printers tested so far. This does not mean that ALL software programs are currently compatible with Windows 10, but there is a good chance that programs will unofficially still work with this new operating system. For businesses that are using Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, etc, Windows 10 is already ready and capable.

Windows 10 is free for OEM licensed machines and all Windows machines that are NOT Enterprise for this first year. That means within less than 365 days, if your business can upgrade, it should happen. Between the free upgrade, the speed of the new operating system, and the current rate of software vendors making sure their programs are compatible, your company can only make more money with adapting to the new technology.

Contact your network administrator or IT consultant to ask for an assessment of your network. After an organized review of your programs and computers, a systematic change could be made. The new update is possibly the best update Windows 10 has made yet.

Nick McCourtArticle contributed by Nick McCourt, IT Consultant, Tier One Technology Partners, a division of MKS&H

About Tier One Technology Partners: MKS&H’s technology consulting group, Tier One Technology Partners provides your growing organization with IT strategy and effective IT services solutions to keep you one step ahead. Tier One was founded in 2000 in the response to listening to the needs of our clients and the business challenges that they were facing in such a rapidly changing IT environment. Thus, Tier One was developed with the simple goal of being an IT consultant, partner, and support firm.

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