COVID-19 Update 3-20-20

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COVID-19 Update 3-20-20

Dear Clients & Business Partners:

MKS&H has been and will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 developments and governmental guidelines set forth to prevent the further spread of the virus in our community.  We want to assure you that our operations are functioning at normal levels and we will continue to provide you with the client service you have come to rely upon from us throughout these unprecedented events.  Although the Treasury department has afforded us all some relief by extending the Federal income tax deadline from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020, this will not impact our ability to provide you with your tax returns in a timely manner.

As of last Wednesday, we began to transition to a remote-work environment and the majority of our staff are now working offsite.  Beginning Monday March 23rd, we are temporarily closing our physical offices to any outside visitors.  In the interest of public safety we are urging our clients to use secure electronic methods like our client portal to share their financial data.

We will be implementing procedures to safeguard our employees and will maintain our operations as follows:

  1. Working from home and remote access: All MKS&H employees have had the capability to work remotely offsite for many years, so we are confident in our ability to continue regular operations during this time.  All staff are equipped with MKS&H-provided laptop computers which ensures the security of the data with which we work.  We are fully structured to perform our jobs in a secure remote-work environment and to respond to emails and phone calls during regular business hours.  Our phone system allows us to have office calls transferred to personal cell phones, so please continue to call the office or staff direct dial numbers.
  2. Suspending internal and external meetings: All face to face meetings will be restructured to occur as conference calls or virtual meetings or will be rescheduled to a later date.
  3. Office Visits: Our offices will be closed to all visitors.  If you need to drop something off to us, please contact us ahead of time so that we can make arrangements with you.

Thank you to each of our clients and partners for the privilege of working with you.  We value those relationships more than anything and will do everything we can to provide the level of service you deserve and expect.  I leave you with hope that the spread of this virus will be contained as soon as possible.

Best regards & stay well,

Your  MKS&H Team

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