How to Implement New Technology in Your Commercial Real Estate Business

How to Implement New Technology in Your Commercial Real Estate Business

As the new year brings with it new opportunities to improve your commercial real estate business, you might be interested in using new hardware or software to boost your bottom line. When you implement new technology, it’s critical to do your research and take your time during the implementation process to ensure it’s right for you and your employees. How can you get the technology adoption process right?

Start By Asking Why

Before you can choose a new product or service that your business will be using, you need to first consider why you are doing it in the first place. This is particularly important as you implement new technology that might override existing processes and workflows. What problems are you hoping to solve? Why do you need to invest in new technology right now?

Work with Your Employees

When you implement new technology, you need to make sure that you take into account the opinions and advice of people who will be using it. Executives who don’t use customer-facing software are not as valuable in this conversation as clients and employees who use it all day long. Make sure that you work together as a team to determine what is right. Winning support early on will also help when you need cheerleaders to get other employees excited about the changes instead of dreading them.

Communicate Clearly

Your clients and employees remember what you tell them, so you should take care to clearly communicate throughout the vetting and implementation processes. Be open about the benefits and potential challenges of the new technology. Explain why you’re making the changes, whether it’s to spend less on software or to better meet the ends of end users. When you are transparent, everyone in your company is more likely to get on board.

Be Realistic

Finally, as you implement new technology, you need to set realistic goals. The process might have some hiccups or challenges, and employees might struggle to switch from your current technology to the new software or hardware. Work together as a team to tackle issues head-on and make sure that you don’t set goals that are too aggressive.

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