Tips for Choosing The Right CPA for Your Business

Tips for Choosing The Right CPA for Your Business

Tips for choosing the right CPA for your business

The right certified public accountant can make or break your business. Errors in accounting can lead to the horrors of bankruptcy and might even send you to court for unintentional tax evasion.  Conversely, the right accountant can deliver smooth and successful business operations on your behalf. You must therefore be careful when hiring one. Here are some tips before you hire a CPA.

Business Knowledge

Pistachio ice cream is not for everybody. But pistachio ice cream might be somebody’s best ice cream. Or it might just be the only flavor that you’re selling. The same goes with a very particular kind of business and the right kind of accountant for it. The right CPA is not just good at crunching numbers but knows the business very well, especially if it’s a rare or niche business. A CPA firm like MKS&H has the right team to help you. We have the business knowledge and expertise that separates us from other all-purpose, generic and impersonal accounting firms.

Organizational Skills

If you are interviewing an accountant for a job, amuse yourself by asking him to look for a particular data or figures in his most recent job. For example, how much did your client recently pay for sales tax? How quick he is in furnishing that information shows how organized he is. You see, the best accountant must be depended on to updating you with information about your business anytime. Thus, he should have organized files of information into an easily accessible system. With MKS&H, responsiveness and on-time delivery are minimum expectations. That’s because our team has the insight to review internal controls in order to protect cash, explore trends to pinpoint our influence on the business, assess crucial performance markers to aid in dealing with operational problems, and make annually, quarterly, and/or monthly financial statements that are audited, reviewed, and compiled.  

Tax Representation

You must be careful about taxes. Your CPA should match your watchfulness about it, or even exceed it. Faulty tax accounting and bookkeeping can only spell trouble. When you file your taxes incorrectly, the consequences can even mean a lawsuit with the IRS.  MKS&H won’t place you in such a horrific situation. We can be relied on to do current and long-range tax planning as well as tax preparation and filing. Better yet, MKS&H represents and negotiates with the IRS and other government agencies, resolves audit issues and responds to written inquiries. In other words, MKS&H will help you understand how to maximize your finances while being very safe and legal about your taxes.


Business changes with the times. Old solutions may not apply to new entrepreneurial problems. The answer to a question might not be found in an old textbook. That’s where MKS&H excels. We apply innovation systematically to anticipate and respond to customer needs. Our team also fosters a culture of leadership at all levels.

So, when hiring a CPA, you really need someone that does more than add numbers, you want someone that adds value. The clients and prospects of MKS&H appreciate remarkable client service, are sophisticated and understand the strategic investment in working with them.

If you would like to learn more about how our CPA firm can help your company, contact the consultants at MKS&H today!

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