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How to Prevent Business Fraud

Think fraud cannot occur in your organization? Think again. No organization is immune to fraud. All organizations are susceptible to fraud whether they realize it or not. Did you know that small businesses are the organizations most susceptible to fraud? Much of this exposure comes from the “it couldn’t...

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Real-Time Analytics – New Trend for CFO reporting?

Technology trends are constantly changing. Just when you think you are ahead something new comes to the table. There have been whispers of the “cloud” for quite some time, but the accounting and finance industry has been slow to take advantage of this valuable resource. Well, times are changing....

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Can you Deduct your Website Costs Now?

In today’s world, most businesses will develop a website and the costs involved can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the site. Website development can be complex and understanding the appropriate tax treatment of the costs can be similarly complex. Do website development costs fall under the “intangible”...

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